An Easy Spring Outfit You’ll Want to Recreate

I love a good pair of heels, but while I’m all about splurging on a nice bag I just never found enough reasons to justify spending a lot of dough on footwear. I mean, they go on your sweaty feet and then they spend their day on the ground (gross, but true). I’ve spent a lot of time browsing through designer shoes just to click out of the website and think “Nahhh you know what? I could find a similar pair for a LOT less.” What I wasn’t considering was the difference in quality. SO I FINALLY BROKE DOWN AND DID IT! I purchased my first pair of Christian Louboutin heels and yes, they are a pair of So Kates.


I did purchase them on Poshmark brand new and never worn but I ended up paying a pretty penny since this Flamingo color has been discontinued. Just as I expected, it rained for the whole week after they were delivered to my house so I had to wait for a sunny day to break them out!


They look more orange in the sun, or maybe its just the way they reflect with my skin tone but either way they are BEAUTIFUL. I paired them with a pair of distressed jeans and a baggy dinosaur print tee that I knotted up in the front. Such a fun and easy look to recreate over and over again!




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