My Latest Poshmark Purchase: Christian Dior Ballet Flats

I’m not much of a “flats” kind of girl – I either wear sneakers or heels and nothing in between, although occasionally I’ll throw on a pair of Crocs to run outside real quick. On top of that, Alex HATES flats. He thinks they look “so ugly”. I just think they make my feet look larger than they really are. With all that being said, the one pair of flats I did own were from Wal-Mart and have seen a couple of good walks lately so I guess I have to admit it. THEY’RE GROWING ON ME! Flats are actually so comfortable to walk around in and they keep your feet a lot cooler in the warm weather, too. I decided to shop around for another pair of flats and of course I wanted high quality without a high price tag, so I found this pair on Poshmark.

These Christian Dior ballet flats are what I’d call “aging” – they were manufactured in 2007 so I’m not quite sure I’m ready to say they’re vintage, lol! I don’t know how much they retail for but I purchased these for only $30. The raspberry color is SO me but I don’t have a lot to pair them with yet. Something I didn’t even realize until they arrived at my house is that the monogram Dior logo is all throughout the fabric of the shoe. They’re sooo cute!


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