My Top 3 Denim Shorts For Summer (Adorable & Affordable)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I hardly EVER wear shorts out in public, even if it’s super hot. I’m stuck at that height where shorts at a modest length make my leg look even shorter and chubbier than it really is, but I’m not at all comfortable with my shorts hem grazing my buttcheek either! I’ve come up with a list of three denim shorts that I’ve been loving and wearing this summer (and AGAIN – they’re all under $110!).


1.) Wal-Mart has EVERYTHING, including some of the most comfortable shorts! These are pretty thin but they keep you cool without showing off too much. I love the elastic waist band – it feels like you’re wearing pajamas but no one will no that but you! 😉 These are the lounge shorts and they’re made by Levi Strauss (same quality, cheaper price tag!)


One Teaspoon has my all time favorite denim shorts. I love the dramatic raw hem on the Blue Society Bonita Low Waist Denim Short because they give the illusion of a longer hem. The shorts are a little longer in the back than they are in the front, so you don’t have to worry about your bum hanging out all day either. These are the shorts I was wearing in my latest Instagram post at the beach… One Teaspoon always runs big so make sure you read the size chart on their website before purchasing (I had to go down TWO sizes and went with a Size 23.)


I’m obsessed with the the color of these High Rise Denim Shorts from J Crew. It’s called the “Brixton wash” and I feel like it’s the perfect middle ground between being too light and too dark. I HATE shorts that have a light wash because they stain so easily! My favorite thing about this pair of shorts is that the rolled hem is short AND modest. Why can’t all shorts be this nice to me??

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