Dressing Up Distressed Jeans

Happy Wednesday – we’re already halfway through the week and July is flying on by! You might remember from one of my previous posts that I mentioned I hate wearing shorts, which I’m getting better about but is still true. Besides denim capris, distressed jeans of any length have been my best friends this summer! I’ve found distressed denim to be a little bit tricky to style – if they’re TOO ripped then you end up looking like a 2010 junior high school girl styled you, and if you wear them with flip flops and a plain tee the whole outfit comes across as casual (which can be totally fine!). But for those who would like to look a little more put together while wearing distressed jeans, I have just the outfit for you!

distresseddenim Top: Zara {wearing size small} | Jeans: {old} Look-Alikes: Aeropostale | Booties: {old} Look-Alikes: Lucky Brand

Right now I am absolutely obsessed with this top – it’s an older one from Zara, but I know that Tradesy has sold several and you can find them on Poshmark as well. I love the way this top has such a simple cut at the top and then the bottom is asymmetrical and has ruffles. Two of my favorite things! 🙂 The Aeropostale jeans I’m wearing are older as well but I found a similar pair from the same brand and right now their jeans are on sale!

I hope you’re enjoying these types of “outfit idea” posts. I am doing my best to link everything I share on here so it’s easy to shop, and if I can’t find the exact item I will link a similar one like I did in the photo above!


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