What I Keep in My Wristlet

Now that Braxton is a toddler I don’t need to pack as much for a trip to the store as I used to. Back in his younger days I was all about huge bags and backpacks, but for now I’m relieved that I can get away with carrying a wristlet!

I had never actually owned a wristlet before Braxton was born, so I wasn’t really sure what to keep in it at first (there’s seriously not a lot of space to work with). And while right now I have three and they’re all different sizes, I try to pack the same essentials in each one of them.

1.) The obvious – Cash, Cards, Drivers license.

2.) A hair elastic and some hair pins. I wear my hair down every single day but when I’m at work or if it’s super hot outside, I like to have options!

3.) Pain reliever!! I suffer from chronic migraines so I can’t leave the house without this one.

4.) A small pocketknife. I haven’t had to use this for anything yet but I’m sure it could come in handy in all kinds of different situations. 🙂

5.) Chapstick / Lip Moisturizer. If you read my latest review you know that I suffer from extremely dry skin all year round. If I don’t have chapstick with me at all times my lips burn!

What are some of the essentials that you would keep in your wristlet? I’d love to hear some of your ideas! ❤️

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