My Latest Designer Purchase

Okay gals, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to share a recent purchase with everyone! I usually tell you guys all about what I buy on Poshmark but today I’m sharing a high end designer purchase from Clothes Mentor. First of all let me just say that these were my size…. so it was meant to be, right? I’ll keep telling myself that, anyway. 😉 My latest designer purchase is this pair of Chanel leather boots! They have a gold trim on the toe and Chanel’s signature gold CC Logo on the back. The day after I purchased these, I wore them on a shopping trip to Saks Fifth Avenue and to Nordstrom. I got soooooooo many compliments, one lady even gave me some free Chanel perfume samples because my boots were “cool” lol! Right now I’m patiently waiting for fall to get here so I can wear these with leggings, an oversized sweater, and a scarf. 😉

My Latest Poshmark Purchase: Christian Dior Ballet Flats

I’m not much of a “flats” kind of girl – I either wear sneakers or heels and nothing in between, although occasionally I’ll throw on a pair of Crocs to run outside real quick. On top of that, Alex HATES flats. He thinks they look “so ugly”. I just think they make my feet look larger than they really are. With all that being said, the one pair of flats I did own were from Wal-Mart and have seen a couple of good walks lately so I guess I have to admit it. THEY’RE GROWING ON ME! Flats are actually so comfortable to walk around in and they keep your feet a lot cooler in the warm weather, too. I decided to shop around for another pair of flats and of course I wanted high quality without a high price tag, so I found this pair on Poshmark.

These Christian Dior ballet flats are what I’d call “aging” – they were manufactured in 2007 so I’m not quite sure I’m ready to say they’re vintage, lol! I don’t know how much they retail for but I purchased these for only $30. The raspberry color is SO me but I don’t have a lot to pair them with yet. Something I didn’t even realize until they arrived at my house is that the monogram Dior logo is all throughout the fabric of the shoe. They’re sooo cute!


An Easy Spring Outfit You’ll Want to Recreate

I love a good pair of heels, but while I’m all about splurging on a nice bag I just never found enough reasons to justify spending a lot of dough on footwear. I mean, they go on your sweaty feet and then they spend their day on the ground (gross, but true). I’ve spent a lot of time browsing through designer shoes just to click out of the website and think “Nahhh you know what? I could find a similar pair for a LOT less.” What I wasn’t considering was the difference in quality. SO I FINALLY BROKE DOWN AND DID IT! I purchased my first pair of Christian Louboutin heels and yes, they are a pair of So Kates.


I did purchase them on Poshmark brand new and never worn but I ended up paying a pretty penny since this Flamingo color has been discontinued. Just as I expected, it rained for the whole week after they were delivered to my house so I had to wait for a sunny day to break them out!


They look more orange in the sun, or maybe its just the way they reflect with my skin tone but either way they are BEAUTIFUL. I paired them with a pair of distressed jeans and a baggy dinosaur print tee that I knotted up in the front. Such a fun and easy look to recreate over and over again!




How To Remove Permanent Marker From Soft Soled Shoes

Okay so if you know just one thing about me, it’s probably that I love to buy second hand designer items. While there are so many things to love about thrift shopping, my biggest pet peeve is when consignment shops cross out the brand logo with a permanent marker. Or even worse…. they write all over the bottom of a beautiful, RARE pair of soft soled Christian Dior heels!

I don’t know if these people simply don’t give two craps about what’s expensive and what’s not (these shoes retail for over $1000!) or if they’re just bitter that someone else is going to end up taking them home. When I spotted these beauties I knew I had to have them, marker stains or not! I figured I could find a solution via “shoe collector who has been through this before” but all I could find on the wonderful internet were suggestions that involved scrubbing with cleaning supplies. There was NO way I was about to put any kind of chemical on these soles so on a rather risky whim, I came up with a better solution.

Using a fine grit nail file was a solution made in Heaven! I simply rubbed the file back and forth over the red permanent marker stains and VOILA! You would never even know those marks were there. (Looking at the photo above, let me just point out that if whoever was marking these was trying to circle the size, their circling skills are in need of some desperate help.) Altogether, it took me about 10 minutes total to file the bottoms of the shoes and I am so unbelievably happy with the results!

If you’ve tried this method of removing permanent marker from the bottom of soft soled shoes or you’ve tried another successful solution, I’d love to hear from you! ALSO if you have any tips on how to clean the inside of a Louis Vuitton bag, I have a second hand Speedy 30 that DESPERATELY needs a good scrubbing LOL!